As we receive questions regarding the Alumni Network 1.0, we will post the most common questions on this page. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to email or  

How do I update my information?

If you are not member of the Scouting Alumni Association, you will need to become a Hiker (free) or Pathfinder ($35) member to receive login credentials. Become a member by clicking here. Once a member, you can log in to the Scouting Alumni Network and update your profile.

FOR EAGLE SCOUTS: If you are an Eagle Scout and not have received your login credentials from the National Eagle Scout Association, simply click here and register at the Hiker (free) level or Pathfinder ($35) if you want to receive the discounts from national retailers. This will generate a login for you to enter the network.

How do I upload my profile photo?

Over on the right hand side of your profile page is a blue EDIT button. Simply, click that button and you will be directed to a page to add your profile photo.

I listed my past council affiliations but their council shoulder strips don't show on my profile. I see them showing on other profiles. How do I get them to show on mine?

Over on the right hand side of your profile page is a blue EDIT button. Simply, click that button (It is the same one you use to upload your profile photo.) Click the text that reads "Use this council patch images page to save images to your desktop and upload here on this form." There you can download a council patch and then click the text that reads "Click here to attach file." Then simply upload the patch image from your desktop and it will appear on your profile page.

Why don't my other alumni association logos appear on my profile page and why are the fields greyed out?

We are working with the other alumni associations to get their membership lists to add their information to your profile. Users are unable to update this information on their own as it must be verified with each individual association.